It’s you who should choose

We realised most of the Professional service providers do not offer any choice to their customers or to the professionals in the decision making process. Customers have to accept the professional decided by the service provider and professional has to accept the pricing decided by the service provider.

On our platform it’s the customers who choose the professional who suits their budget as well as the skill set required to perform the job. Similarly professionals are free to quote their prices for the jobs they are ready to accept.

It’s a win-win situation for both customers as well as the professionals.

Get everything done in one place

With most of the professional service providers, providing limited services, it is difficult to find the professional across these so many providers. CPRO Services is your one-stop shop for all your professional service needs—no matter what you or your family member need, we’ve got you covered. Be it online professional service or in-person, you got everything at one place.

Professional with right skill set

One of the major problem, customers face is that professionals assigned by the service providers do not have the right skills set to perform the job to their satisfaction. CPRO makes sure that it offers only those professionals to its customers who have the right skill set and equipment to perform the job in best possible way which results in great customer satisfaction.
We have strong processes to verify the credentials of all our professionals who are registered with us. They are certified, truly professional to their work and committed to provide best customer service.